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Bradley Kimberlin - 37% Consulting
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    Fractional COO

    Small to midsize businesses face many of the same challenges a large company does, without the matching resources. A Fractional Chief Operations Officer gives your business the operational advantage you need to grow and succeed. 

    Process Review

    As your business grows, it's common to discover that the processes you used to start your business are no longer working. By having a third party come in to review your processes, you receive an objective outside opinion with insights into what can be improved and how to implement them.

    EBMS Implementation

    Eagle Business Management Software is an excellent business management tool. An ERP like EBMS is very useful to understanding your costs and tracking inventory, but only if it's implemented properly. I first understand how your business operates and then help you set up EBMS to deliver the results you need.

    Product Marketing

    Your marketing team is responsible to clearly communicate your services and products to your customers. I help you effectively provide cohesion between what your company does and what your customers are asking for. If there is a disconnect between these two, it creates frustration for your team and disappointment for your customers.

    Organizational Development

    As your business grows, so do your personnel needs. Along with hiring new people, I help you make sure the right people are in the right jobs. Coaching and one-on-one training is available for managers and executives in your organization.

    Compensation Plan Development

    To make sure that each person in your company has the incentive to meet your company's financial goals, I help you set up the appropriate compensation package for each person on your team. With a compensation package that rewards the behaviors you want, meeting company goals is easier than ever.


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