Bradley Kimberlin - 37% Consulting
Bradley Kimberlin - 37% Consulting
  • Why 37%?

    In business, as well as life, we are constantly faced with the need to make decisions. But how do we know we are making the best decision? What if the next candidate, next opportunity or next offer is actually the best one? Have we already been given the best option and overlooked it?

    This challenge is one that we face as leaders in our businesses, often on a daily basis. Knowing when we need to stop considering options and when to implement something or which candidate to hire is a problem that people have grappled with for years. This decision point is known as Optimal Stopping: the point at which it is best to quit considering options and to take action.

    Mathematically, the balance between looking and leaping has been identified as 37%. Simply put, this means when we've considered 37% of the known options, we make our best choice by selecting the next option that's better than anything we've seen thus far. If we make our decision before reviewing 37% of the options, we run the risk of lowering our baseline. Continue looking past 37% and mathematically we do not increase our chances of making a better decision, but rather expend time, energy and money that is wasted. Rarely, though, do we know all of our options ahead of time. This means we need to make decisions based on the information we do have. A broader range of experience helps us make better decisions.

    My goal at 37% Consulting is to be your Optimal Stopping Point. With over 12 years in Operational Leadership, my expertise lies in identifying operational challenges, finding the best solutions and process and implementing them. I have experience in established family businesses, startup businesses and turnarounds. 

    As a Fractional COO, I offer something very different than most consultants. It's fairly easy to come in and give ideas, delivered in shiny binders or fancy PowerPoints, but where your bottom line is impacted is through implementation. This is my specialty. I work with your team to implement the things needed to improve your business operations and remain involved until the processes are fully implemented and proven.

    By remaining involved through implementation, this allows me to help with further issues that arise during implementation. As a business owner, you have multiple demands for your time and attention all day and having a Fractional COO allows someone to remain connected with your Operations team, providing the top level leadership needed to achieve your company's goals.

    Additionally, I offer a unique perspective to Marketing efforts. After all, your business ideas only work if there are orders to fulfill. With a thorough understanding of your business and customers needs, I can help your marketing efforts hit your target customers quicker and more effectively.

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